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Our Story


Kloth and Kin evolved from the need for a minimalist uniform that can be layered to express individualism.

Inspired by the volume and clean silhouettes of Japanese and Scandinavian style Kloth & Kin is about comfort and expressing yourself.  Using natural fabrics in a core palette.

 Our trans seasonal pieces, surpass trends giving you the freedom to style as your needs evolve.

Coming from a background in retail and manufacturing we found the constant chasing of trends a race to nowhere. 

What is style? 

For us its doing more with less. Core pieces that can be updated with an individual touch, or worn as is.

The volume of Kloth & Kin pieces are a statement in itself.

Sustainable abundance.

Non restrictive, uniform dressing. (Simplifying at least a part of life!) 


Small batch, made in South Africa.

This is our happiness project and we hope to bring some to you too.

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